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Kern 686 Inserting System

Getting the right information to the right people at the right time is the primary function of the Kern 686 Inserting System - an off-line folding and inserting system with optical mark/barcode reading for processing cut forms and enclosures from the stack.

In a single operation the Kern 686 Inserting System can cross-match, fold, insert documents and seal the envelopes with sustained high performance.

The optical mark/barcode reading system and the paper flow monitoring system ensure total, reliability and complete security during the processing of your documents.

Modular construction
The well designed, futuristic construction of the Kern 686 Inserting System range enables you to deal with special needs as they arise, and can always be expanded as requirements increase.


The Kern 686 Inserting System range includes the following options:

  • 2 folding and 3 enclosure stations
  • OMR or barcode controlled diverter modules for stacking sealed and/or unsealed envelopes
  • postcode marking unit
  • connection franking machin
  • security check bin
  • an add-an facility for checking the identity of forms from the two folding stations using OMR or barcode control

Programmable functions
The 686 Inserting System allows the operator to select from up to 20 different processing programs.


For example:

  • grouping of documents by customer
  • choice of operation from right, left or both folding stations
  • selective calling of enclosures from one, two or three insert feeding stations
  • preselectable counting of filled envelopes

Powerful, quiet and simple to use
These are the characteristics that mark the quality of the Kern 686 Inserting System. The processing speed is variable for each different preprogrammed application so as to give optimum performance. The Kern 686 Inserting System operates quietly even at high speeds and meets safe working standards. All function controls are clearly arranged an the keyboard console, thus making it a pleasure to operate the system. The Kern 686 Inserting System - a mailing system which will give you the many years of good service that all Kern systems are renowned for.

Grouping of multiple pages, and sequence control
Where your customers are to receive multiple page documents, these are identified as being for the same addressee by the computer generated control marks. This OMR control makes the Kern 686 Inserting System operation absolutely safe even with mixed single and varying multiple page documents. With multiple pages it is obviously important that the sheets are processed in exactly the same order in which they were printed, this can be ensured by printing binary sequence control marks, these can then be checked during processing to ensure the correct sequence.

Comparing identity
With an additional mark on the main form you can selectively call documents from a second folding station. If this is a personal document, e.g. payment slip, cheque, etc., its identity can be compared with the prime document to give absolute security. Do you wish to send an enclosure to each customer or only to specific ones? Either is possible. A corresponding mark an the prime document will calls an enclosure to be added to that envelope.


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An outstanding feature of the Kern 686 Inserting System is its ability to process large format documents - up to DIN A3. The form itself carries the necessary system control instruction via computer generated (OMR or Barcode) control marks.

You need to insert an "A3" form into a "C6" envelope? - No problem for the Kern 686 Inserting System! The integrated folding systems cater for any parallel and/or cross fold.

As when manually inserted, all the enclosures are placed within the folded form. When the customer removes the contents, nothing can be left behind in the envelope, nothing can go missing.

Patented steel packing pockets hold the forms and fully protect them during the Insertion process.

The microprocessor control system guarantees the correct contents in each envelope. The entire inserting process is monitored at every stage of the operation.